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six weeks of winter

Jane has been out a while. Not that long. It is not yet time to panic; really it wouldn't be anyway, not with everybody in Eos belonging there and everyone belonging there in Eos. Bella is worried, but mostly for social reasons, not practical ones.
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At this particular moment in time, Alice happens to be in his lair, curled up in bed with a good book, naked. (It's a really good book.)
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Shell Bell's doors do not have failsafes against this eventuality like teleporting!

In walks Shell Bell!

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Alice cracks up and drags a blanket over the problem area.

"Hi!" he giggles. "What's up?"
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"Lazarus needs to look at this new Bell and Stella needs to try fixing Jane," says Shell Bell.
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"Hi," says this new Bell.
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"Hi, new Bell," says Alice, waving cheerfully. "Welcome to Eos, sorry you saw my junk."

He squares some clothes on and ditches both book and blanket.
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"I think I'll survive the experience," says Tab. "You must be Alice. I'm Tab."
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"Yep! Nice to meetcha. Man, you know, that door thing could get really awkward if it keeps dropping you in bedrooms," he says to Shell Bell. "Are you guys gonna call Stella or should I?"
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"I got Stella; Glass, wanna call Lazarus?"
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"Mm-hm." [Hey Lazarus, it's Glass!]
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[Hi!] says Lazarus. [This is unexpected.]
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[We have a new Bell and we don't know one of her aura features. I think it has to do with teleportation but I'm not sure how. Come meet her!]
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Lazarus also teleports in.

"...Well that's interesting," he says, peering at Tab. "You're - sparkly. We'll go with 'sparkly'."
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"Gifted?" suggests Tab. "Glass says my world's related to Eos and Aurum, with the random magic powers."
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"Ye-es. Hmm. Gifts seem to be a lot more eye-catching than witchcraft and ingotry," he says. "Your aura features are getting a little drowned out. But I think... one of them's informational, and the other one..." He blinks. "Yes, teleportation. Teleportation and... convenience? You're never going to unknowingly teleport into an awkward or dangerous situation, and if you don't have your destination picked out clearly enough, the aura will cover it."
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"I like it," laughs Tab.
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"Kers says some of the problem is hardware."
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"I haven't tried to get to that world yet, but we can put that step first, sure."
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"Er, no haring off to dangerous places for me, thanks," says Lazarus with a quirk of a smile. "Call me if you need some magic identified."
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"And I am gonna go somewhere with fewer doors and get back into my book," says Alice. "Have fun, guys!"
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"Origin next?"
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"Origin next."