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square one

Bella spends the first ten minutes after Jane misses a scheduled filtered-email-dump staring at the Janepoint, flaring aura at it, willing it to work. This is what her aura is supposed to do, right, make electronics work?

It doesn't help. Nor does wishing.

She sends a general announcement to her staff and Alice:

[Jane broke. I don't know how, but I can't fix it. She could come back at any time. Till then we're back to the door standard. Please let me know instantly if you do find a door.]
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[Well, shit,] says Alice. [Will do, I guess.]
edgeofyourseat: Lurking. (⑻ out of the doorway)

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[I love you,] he adds, because he does.
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He teleports to her vicinity and gives her a hug.
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Hugs are huggy!
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Huggy snuggly cuddly hugs!
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Mmmmm. Hugs.